Skinny Wannabe - Get healthy!

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Go to the newsagents, and look at the cover of the magazines you see there. Many of the magazines will be plastered with an attractive, thin, successful model. Being thin nowadays is equated to good looks, success; it's a subliminal connection that your subconscious is now wired to pick up.

Don't get fooled.

Thin does not make this happen. Be healthy. Be fun, vivacious, brilliant, smart, but don't do the emaciated look.

Pro-ana is really, truly unhealthy. The people who endorse it are sick, twisted, cretins who want to drag down other people. Just don't do it.

Anorexia is not a lifestyle choice. It is not glamorous, it's just dangerous. Please, please, please get help from someone, it doesn't need to be someone you know, there are lots of helplines out there where you can talk to strangers about it anonymously.

Just don't go there. Please.

If you're a skinny wannabe, go speak to your doctor, eat healthily and exercise. That's it.

Information about Anorexia